Margins is a Turnaround company.
We identify unrealized business potential in companies and work to realize it.

MARGINS operates with two models:

1. Turnaround investments

2. Economic, strategic and management consulting

Whether you’re clients or partners, our first concern is with your current and future business interests. We do that by examining your goals and targets, infusing our business planning experience based on data and facts.

Guesswork and conjecture aren’t part of the picture.

Facts. That’s what we deal with.

Give Me Six Hours to Chop Down a Tree

and I Will Spend the First Four Sharpening the Axe

Abraham Lincoln


What do we bring to the table?  In-depth understanding of the factors that drive business processes combined with the ‘human factor’.

We believe in solid, structured, high quality work plans that have clear and achievable targets.  We believe those work plans start with in-depth analyses, all the way down to the smallest of details.

Close attention to every aspect leads to effective execution and forms the foundations of change, profitability and success.

We choose to work with companies keen to rediscover their business potential, leveraging our relative advantages to do so.  We enjoy working with people who have vision, motivation and are eager to transform their companies; people who believe hard work is needed to achieve great results.

Small Details

Tell Big Stories


We established MARGINS in 2009 with hope, good intentions, and a ton of determination to succeed.

Along the way we handled highs and lows, we loved brainstorming together, and we also enjoyed plenty of satisfaction over seeing our client’s successes.

We steered small, midsize and some of the largest companies in the economy in the private and public sectors through projects on the frontline of change. And we still get excited over starting a new project with a new client. The wow of it hits us every single time.

We love what we do. We thrive on being challenged. We aim for the best results.

And we harness the best practices to achieve them..

Gal established Margins in 2009 as a platform to strengthen clients seeking informed business decisions based on factual data merged with independent, unbiased business planning.

Proven abilities for abstracting the most complex problems enable Gal to guide companies smoothly through challenges posed by the current business environment and create real, measurable value by applying unique business planning methodologies.

Before establishing Margins, Gal managed the economic department of a consultancy company and gained vast experience in working with leading clients in the Israeli economy in a diverse array of sectors.

Gal holds his MBA, and BA in Economics, both from Tel Aviv University. Gal also serves as a business mentor in the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Management for faculty graduates and MBA students.


As an expert in business planning, management and financing coupled with rich experience, Moty brings the dimension of depth to the Margins team.

With over 35 years of experience in senior management roles across multiple business organizations as a senior member of management teams and as an external consultant, Moty’s focus is on guiding business owners, management staff, investors and entrepreneurs through the business planning processes, decision making and prioritizing for positive business outcomes.

Before joining Margins, Moty served in several senior management and finance positions, assisted the establishment of venture capital initiatives, and wrote business plans for large scale tenders in the Israeli market, including the second and third mobile operators’ tenders, and the Israel Post tender.

Moty is a CPA with a BA in Economics and Accounting from Tel Aviv University. He serves as mentor in the school of design and innovation at the Academic College of Management.


Extensive service in human intelligence units in government and private sectors has equipped Eldad with the tools needed to become a specialist in human behaviors. His expertise is extremely valuable in understanding the human factor at the core of every company’s activities.

By identifying optimal points for turnarounds and understanding the complexity of human interaction, Eldad leads recovery processes while harnessing and driving everyone needed for the targeted outcome.

Before joining Margins, Eldad set up and managed a private HUMINT company supplying services to governments and organizations locally and internationally.

Eldad asks the right, tough and precise questions. They translate vision and targets into strategic processes, creating real time value. Eldad is the person who makes it happen.

Eldad’s B.Sc. is from Hebrew University.

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